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Breastfeeding past age 2!

The last few days before my beautiful babies popped out were a true test as my body felt stretched beyond it’s capability.

Breastfeeding after 2 years…yes, your body changes. Breastfeeding twins after 2 years…I’ll let you complete that thought.

Everything you have read and heard is true. Pregnancy does a number on us. But we are resilient and strong!

I love my body. Even after breastfeeding for so long. My boobs are fuller (not as perky) but still great (my husband edited this post and approves this message).

But I repeat, pregnancy and breastfeeding is hard on a woman’s body. Enter cosmetic surgery (just joking).

Enter exercise, discipline and smart healthy eating. Enter natural oils (Shea butter, Pure Cocoa butter & Marula oil). Enter self-confidence…be kind to yourself.

Motherhood and wifehood are tough jobs! Don’t complicate them further. If you have not reached your ideal weight or you’re not too happy about how your body has changed. Don’t beat yourself up. Laugh it off. And by all means feel free to ignore any criticism or unwanted comments from strangers, family or friends.



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