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Blogging for money!

My first pay-check from blogging was 0.15 cents. I remember telling my sister (who lives in Ireland) and she replied, well that’s a start!

Twin pregnancy

    I’m not one for big personal announcements. To be honest with you I’m a private person :) However, I can’t tell you how many medical tests I’ve had to do of late: scans, blood work, urine, cervix . . . and then I’ve had to do it all...

Cawthra Park Green Beauty Seminar

It felt so good to be conducting another workshop today for Cawthra Park Green Beauty workshop. Thank you guys so much for an amazing event. Some of the comments that came in on social media: Kalina: This presentation has been so informative! I really enjoyed it, and I’ll

Easy whipped body butter for dry skin

Easy Whipped Shea Butter for dry skin!

Breastfeeding past age 2!

The last few days before my beautiful babies popped out were a true test as my body felt stretched beyond it’s capability. Breastfeeding after 2 years…yes, your body changes. Breastfeeding twins after 2 years…I’ll let you complete that thought. Everything you have read and heard is true. Pregnancy does a...

Get out of debt

Our family finished the last few years debt free. Dear Lord, thank you. As a small business owner you don’t pay yourself sometimes, forget about employment insurance and you will not be handed a pension after 35 years on the job. Let me encourage you today to save. Save like...

How to get great youthful skin naturally without exfoliating!

Ola walked into our store; she needed to pick up a check that was owed to her. We began talking about a number of things, and the topic of exfoliating came up. She was complaining about the brand she was currently using and was considering trying our 100% Red Moroccan...