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Twin pregnancy



I’m not one for big personal announcements. To be honest with you I’m a private person :)

However, I can’t tell you how many medical tests I’ve had to do of late: scans, blood work, urine, cervix . . . and then I’ve had to do it all again!

This has been going on for weeks. Right now, I’m in week 24. . . I’m expecting twins!


God willing, our little ones will be arriving April 2015.


I have been getting a lot of questions; so let me get to some of the obvious ones:


Ancestry: Twins are on both sides of my family [both my mom & dad]. My dad’s tribe is Yoruba and they have the highest incidence of twin births worldwide. My sister has twins, my cousins have twins, my grandmother (my mother's mom) has twins, etc...

I am grateful to God for this blessing and deeply humbled; our joy cannot be put in words.

Too many coincidences! We (Paul & I) met Sunni at Konso and Kaye Afar in Ethiopia last year March. We reunited again today. She's having twins too! Expected delivery date 3 days apart, same doctor, same midwives...who knows what else we have in common...only time will tell :)[/caption]


Stretch marks: at the moment I have none. african Shea butter, raw cocoa butter, Organic coconut oil, and black african soap are all living up to their expectations!

Sexes: We’ve decided to find out during delivery [there are very few surprises in life] .

We are going to keep our colours neutral, in the meantime [no blues or pinks!] Thank you!


The twins are fraternal. In my family we do not have identical twins only fraternal.


Work/blog: I’ve often wondered what my life would be like when they arrive; I guess I’ll find out soon!! So far they’ve been troopers! My job takes me all over Ontario and often requires long hours; I don’t know how I’ve managed. God is faithful.


Natural Hair Care Routine: My body is telling me to rest! My time and energy have to be more carefully monitored. Put simply, my routine has been dramatically simplified. I still do protein treatments,  at least once a month,  as well as hot oil treatments; but I twist with water, argan oil, and Shea butter. I’ve reduced my use of leave-in conditioners.

I find argan oil is fantastic! It really tackles both dry & brittle hair – which is perfect for the winter. I have less tangles & breakage.


Marriage: I love my husband more and more! He’s been super awesome since I got pregnant. He told me I was carrying before I even knew. As we went for the first scan he also predicted that there were twins; my sister also guessed! My grandmother was praying for it so we are truly blessed.

Hubby clips my toe nails (I can barely reach them), rubs Shea on my tummy, cooks and spends more time with ‘us’! It’s really beautiful to watch! Now if only I can teach him to do the dishes!


#Goodbye2014! #Hello2015 #HappyNewYear!!

yoruba adage



(c) Shakara Natural Tips 2015

Written by Yemi Laotan

Edited by Paul Wellhauer

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