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Cawthra Park Green Beauty Seminar

It felt so good to be conducting another workshop today for Cawthra Park Green Beauty workshop. Thank you guys so much for an amazing event.

[caption id="attachment_2119" align="aligncenter" width="565"]image Getting ready to start[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_2120" align="aligncenter" width="556"]image Slicing Lemons for our DIY Scrub![/caption][caption id="attachment_2121" align="aligncenter" width="563"]image Prepping[/caption][caption id="attachment_2122" align="aligncenter" width="742"]image Making the scrub![/caption][caption id="attachment_2123" align="aligncenter" width="717"]image Unmasking toxic ingredients in everyday beauty products[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_1144" align="aligncenter" width="503"]Infographics We also discussed toxic ingredients in nail polishes; water based nail polishes were handed out.[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_2124" align="aligncenter" width="717"]image Question time[/caption]





[caption id="attachment_2129" align="aligncenter" width="717"]image Question time[/caption][caption id="attachment_2130" align="aligncenter" width="960"]image What a great day![/caption][caption id="attachment_2131" align="aligncenter" width="717"]image Our motto: if you can't eat it don't put it on your skin! :)[/caption]






Some of the comments that came in on social media:

Kalina: This presentation has been so informative! I really enjoyed it, and I'll definitely be using the tips I learned!

Christine: Excited to try my new scrub!

Raisa: Lovely tutorial!!!

Kailee:  I love the seminar so far.

Lily:  A scrub you can eat! Green beauty with Shakara Natural Tips is great!!!

Dorothy: This seminar was so great and inspiring!! Definitely going to reconsider using my products!

Kennedy: I am so excited for this green beauty seminar! So interesting and so informative.

Ina: This seminar by Shakara Natural is inspiring!!



(C) Shakara Natural 2015

Written by Yemi L Wellhauser

Editor & Photographer Paul Wellhauser

Looking to hire an environmental communicator? email us at

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