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Natural Hairstyles for Black women

  For a long while I lived in fear of styling my own hair. I saw styling as “challenging.” You see I have 4B/4C natural hair. 4B/C curls are tiny, dry, dense, and fragile! Consequently, they are touchy to rough handling, and thus thrive in both low manipulation and protective...

Best Hair Detangler

The first ingredient in detangling hair is patience.

Henna Dye for Hair

Unlike most synthetic  dies; 100% Body Art Quality [BAQ] Henna does not damage hair, it can be safely incorporated into any hair care regimen, plus it can be done as often as you desire! 

Henna Powder For Hair

Are you looking for a toxic free hair dye?    Do you have more than just a few grey hairs?  Do you experience dryness from Henna? Then keep reading! 

Relax: Don't Do It!

    [image source]   How many times have you heard people say natural hair is difficult to manage? or “other people’s hair may grow, but mine won’t.” I’m tired of natural hair so I’ve decided to relax it."  "What’s the best way to permanently straighten my hair?"   There are...

Holy Molasses!

Raw Eggs are rich in protein and essential nutrients thus they help strengthen hair follicles Blackstrap molasses is rich in copper, iron, calcium, manganese, potassium and magnesium. It promotes hair growth, as well as helps to combat grey hair.