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Best Hair Detangler

The first ingredient in detangling hair is patience.


Our fingers are next and probably the most ignored tools!


When we use our fingers to detangle [unlike a comb or brush] we can feel the knots and tangles easily. So always begin with your fingers and then follow with a comb or a brush.  Like any other styling tool, hands must be kept in good condition. Your fingernails should be smooth and snag free, and your hands should be soft, moisturised and callous-free to prevent hair damage.

Follow your finger detangling with a wide tooth comb and/or a brush [with a rubber base and wide bristles].


The Denman and the Tangle Teezer are good examples of these types of brushes.


Remember when detangling: separate your hair into 4-8 sections and always begin at the ends, then gradually work your way up. Tresses must always be moisturized with water and/or lubricated with a moisturizer or oil to reduce unnecessary breakage. Once you have detangled each section, pin it up or re-braid it out of your way.


I know I've hinted at this already, but keep in mind: curly hair must always be detangled with great care

After thoroughly detangling, you can proceed with regular styling or move on to the low manipulation hair-cleansing techniques.



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Do you follow any of these rules when detangling?